Educate voters, ballot counters and candidates to make electioneering easier. 

We aim to build capacity for citizens, volunteer election officials, and the media in European countries where elections are vulnerable to malpractice. Our e-learning platform will enable non-government actors full use of the mechanisms available within their countries’ electoral laws to increase the reliability and transparency of elections, reduce the opportunities for the successful manipulation of results and protect democratic institutions from state interference.


Build an election monitoring tool-kit that can function across different countries. 

The development of a parallel counting system, aggregating polling district level data to ensure the integrity of the counting process, will allow citizens and volunteer officials to detect possible fraud and secure their elections against malpractice.


Provide assistance and share best-practice models with other civil society groups investigating election fraud. 

In 2020, Unhack Democracy Europe will host an international conference on voter fraud, bringing activists, academics, journalists and policy makers together to share innovative best-practice models and methods.