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#TisztaVoks (True Votes Hungary): Orban’s Constitutional Majority at risk from electoral fraud and irregularities. 

Our initial research into irregularities, and the Supreme Court’s rulings that organised fraud has occurred in the April 8 elections, gives us reason to believe that Orban’s constitutional majority could be at risk. 

Support our #TisztaVoks (True Votes Hungary) crowdfunder at to:

  • Campaign for the European Parliament to hold an inquiry into the elections.
  • Assemble a non-partisan international and Hungarian team of political scientists, data scientists and programmers to conduct an expert investigation into the election data.
  • Get the truth out across Europe and to the United States by setting up a clearing house at where we will translate credible allegations from Hungarian into English for the international media.

#TisztaVoks is the first campaign hosted by Unhack Democracy Europe, ( a new platform for anti-nationalist politics in Europe set up by the Irish political strategist and former National and International Security Policy Adviser to the British Conservative Party, Dr Garvan Walshe. 

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party now stands accused not only of tilting the electoral system in its favour, but of interfering in the voting itself.  These allegations (some of which have already been accepted by the Hungarian Supreme Court) include mass transportation of dual citizens, targeted disqualification of votes, the outright buying of votes and the invention of fake parties to confuse voters. They follow an election  campaign in which the OSCE reported that

the intimidating and xenophobic rhetoric, media bias and opaque campaign financing constricted the space for genuine political debate” and prevented voters from “making a fully-informed choice”.

Those parts of the Hungarian media not under government control have aired these allegations but they haven’t had the international exposure needed to bring pressure on the government.  

We’ve been supported so far by political strategists TRD Policy (formerly Brexit Analytics), and now we need your help.

Our crowdfunding campaign, #TisztaVoks (True Votes Hungary) is launching today so we can dedicate our full time to research, data analysis and campaigning for an inquiry by the European Parliament and raising awareness across Europe and in the United States.


Credible allegations of dirty tricks include:

  • Mass transportation of dual citizen ethnic Hungarian voters from Ukraine and Transylvania to marginal constituencies.
  • Targeted disqualification of ballots in areas where Fidesz controlled the local Polling Station Committee.
  • Thousands of votes bought in poor areas of the country.
  • Failure of the National Election Office (NEO) website on the morning of the vote and allegations that the counting system went down as polls were closing.
  • Inventing fake parties to confuse voters.

1. The OSCE Interim Report is available at   

2. Go to for reports of dirty tricks and irregularities.

3. Unhack Democracy Europe ( is a platform for anti-nationalist politics in Europe set up by the Irish political strategist and former National and International Security Policy Adviser to the British Conservative Party, Dr Garvan Walshe. Dr Walshe said:

“Hungary’s Supreme Court has found there was organised fraud. An organiser was recorded by the HirTV station saying how he put 500 fake voters on buses and drove them across the border.

The fact is you don’t bus 500 people across the border to vote without someone paying for the buses, getting  hold of a crate of fake permanent residency cards to give to them and recruiting all these fake voters in the first place.

This cheats European citizens out of their democratic rights. It isn’t just Hungary’s problem. It’s Europe’s problem.

The question is: was this the only case, or is it just the tip of the iceberg?  We’re digging into the election data to find out. 

We’ve performed a polling district by polling district analysis of the published results: what we’ve found raises serious questions about whether Orbán’s constitutional majority was legitimate. 

We need your help to finish our investigations and find out the truth. Donate to our crowdfunder at”.


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